Side by Side Singing is moving along . . .

We had have two Wednesday sessions this month and today will be the third! Attendance has been good and spirits high! I think it is very safe to say that a good time is being had by all! If you haven’t yet attended Side by Side you are  are still welcome to attend. You don’t need to commit to any specific number of sessions. Just drop by and see if it is your ‘cup of tea.’

To find us, go to the University of North Carolina Asheville Campus, follow directions for the Sherrill Center. When you are on Campus Drive look for the parking deck with a sign that says “P9 Parking for visitors” and park there. Someone will direct you to the parking spots for Side by Side. When you exit the parking deck there should be someone beckoning you to the correct door, but if not — the door says Center for Health and Wellness (it will be slightly off to your left). We are on the same level — no steps — in the Meditation Room. There will be signs marked ‘Side by Side’ and friendly faces to greet you.

We hope you’ll come sing with us — Side by Side.

Side by Side Singing Ready to Start

For those who haven’t been to the Sherrill Center on the campus of University of North Carolina Asheville, I thought I’d let you know that the parking garage where there will be reserved spaces for Side by Side Singing are in a parking garage with a sign in front of it marked “P9 visitor parking.” There will be someone at the entrance — just let them know you are with Side by Side and you will be directed where to park and from there we will have volunteers and signs to keep you pointed in the right direction to the Meditation Room.

Once you get to the Meditation Room we think you will love it — it is rounded on one side and has lots of windows. The ceiling is shaped in a way to create wonderful acoustics — perfect for singing.

We look forward to singing with you there!