SIDE BY SIDE April – May 2014

We just finished six weeks of Side by Side SInging at the Sherill Center (University of North Carolina Asheville) under the sponsorship of the North Carolina Center for Health and Wellness. There were over 40 participants at our last session. We were joined by Jan and Beth Mallandine who led us in “This Little Light of Mine.” And four sopranos from Womansong helped us sing a new favorite composed by Lytingale Henrickson, “I Will Carry You.” We have a short video of this song and hope to be able to figure out how to post it soon. Oh the new technology has a very steep learning curve!

Debbie Nordeen and  Ruthie Rosauer switched off between playing the piano and leading the songs. In addition to our signature songs of “Side by Side” and “Happy Trails” we also sang “Those Were The Days,” “Swing Low,” “Always,” “Oh What A Beautiful Morning,” “What A Wonderful World” and a few others. We rocked out to the round “I Love the Mountains.” This round is particularly dear to our hearts as we could see the beautiful Appalachian Mountains outside our window as we sang. 

Below is a photo of Debbie and Ruthie leading the group in singing. Ruthie with tambourine.



This is a photo of some of the singers with Debbie. 


Debbie conducting a Side by Side Session

Debbie conducting a Side by Side Session

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