Here is just a PARTIAL list of links to other groups engaged in community singing initiatives
and/or research for those with memory loss and their care-partners.

>>>>If you know of any chorus or choir like this in North Carolina, South Carolina or eastern Tennessee, do please let us know — we would love to add them to our “Links” page. You can leave a message on this blog or send an email to: <<<<<<<

1) UNFORGETTABLES in New York City

2) SINGING for the BRAIN in the United Kingdom

3) FORGET ME NOT in Cardiff, Wales, U.K.


5) SING HERE NOW, Beaverton, Oregon

6) ARTICLE about SINGING and dementia

Singing show tunes may help people with dementia

7) TREMBLE CLEF singing groups for those with PARKINSON’S DISEASE

The American Parkinson’s Disease Association sponsors some singing groups for those with PD called “Tremble Clefs.” Groups are found in Laguna Hills, California, San Diego, California, Phoenix, Arizona, Springfield, Missouri and elsewhere. These YouTubes provide testimonials from those who participate in these groups as well as shots of them singing and dancing.

8) YouTubes Sing-A-Long videos

We love Susan McALlister-Bee’s series of sing-a-longs she called ‘Recreation Sing Along for Seniors” There are 17 songs available, each with lyrics printed at the bottom of the screen so you can easily sing along to such favorites as Zip A Dee Doo Dah and Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree With Anyone Else But Me.

Here are links to two of them:

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